Alchemic T-shirt

19/12/2011 9:00:54
Alchemic T-shirt alchemic t-shirt alchemic t-shirt alchemic t-shirt red alchemic t-shirt

Alchemic T-shirt Launch

Location: E.A. 1/1 S.V. Studio, Grada Mainza 18, Zagreb, Croatia
Date: December 20th, 2011

White jersey T-shirt with a cultivated stain from tannic acid and a natural dye extracted from Cochineal insects, coated with transparent silicone.

Alchemic T-shirt
Size: S, M, L
Edition: 50
Each T-shirt is signed and numbered with a unique
woven label E.A. 1/50 S.V. – E.A. 50/50 S.V.



Alchemic T-shirt