• Female underwear
• Color: White
• Material: 100% cotton, medium weight
• Screen-printed with an expandable cross motif all over
• Artwork embroidered on front and back
• Erotic motif – scroll down for description
• Metal loop in the back
• fFit – a bit smaller than regular size
• Machine wash
• Made in Croatia
• Product ID: FU-LILY2-21

Erotic motif description:
Front motif – Narcissus Lily is a European genus of flowering plants that grow in polluted city areas in oil-soaked soil. It is a graceful back alley plant with grass-like leaves and a pure white trumpet-shaped long flower. When you detach the flower from its pedicel it reveals its hidden phallic organ. Many flowers have evolved to be attractive to animals or humans, to cause them to be vectors for the transfer of pollen but this flower only seduces itself and eventually self-pollinates by emitting air-born particles. All that this flower wants is to stimulate its genitals for sexual pleasure, to the point of orgasm and self-fertilization.

Back motif – Hexa Necro Slug. These species are serious nymphomaniac pests as they constantly engage in sexual assault against other species. They are active just after rain because of the moist ground that lubricates their vulva body. When attacked, they contract their body, making themselves harder and more compact and more still and round. Sex slugs on occasion kill, rape, and then eat dead specimens of their kind and then hibernate underground during the winter to devour their bodies. Professional literature describes them under the term Les Liliacées nécrophiles. 


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