White underwear screen printed with a cross motif all over, embroidered with a floral motif on front and back. Metal loop in the back, from E.A. 1/1 S.V. The Lilies Series.

• Female underwear
• Color: White
• Material: 100% cotton, medium weight
• Artwork embroidered on the front and back
• Erotic motif – scroll down for description
• Fit – a bit smaller than regular size
• Machine wash
• Made in Croatia
• Product ID: FU-LILY1-21

Erotic motif description:
Hexa Sex Insect. A very intelligent predator with three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes, no antennae. This insect has no exoskeleton but instead, its body is a small mammal elastic vagina. Nerve endings in the vagina provide non-stop pleasurable sensations for this creature so it is extremely dangerous as it is aggressive and has no limits in getting what it wants. It also attacks species that do not achieve orgasms with vaginal creatures. If they attack in a collective there is a 0,02% chance that the victim escapes.

Hexa Lily. This is a very sensitive flower that grows only in woods where the birds sing complex songs backward during the night. If you pick these plants from their habitat, their petals will fall out and five of them will transform into insect-like creatures that will attack your private parts due to the smell that they are attracted to. One petal will transform into a slug-like creature. These fallen petal-creatures will eventually metamorphosis into a Hexa Lily flower after they continue their cycle of sexual harassment.

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