Black jersey T-shirt embroidered with three floral motifs, from E.A. 1/1 S.V. The Lilies Series.

• Unisex
• Color: Black
• Material: 100% cotton, medium weight
• Artwork embroidered on the chest.
• Erotic motif – scroll down for description
• Regular fit, straight cut, crew neck, short-sleeved
• Machine wash
• Made in Croatia
• Product ID: TS-NARC-21

Erotic motif description:
Narcissus Lily is a European genus of flowering plants that grow in polluted city areas in oil-soaked soil. It is a graceful back alley plant with grass-like leaves and a pure white trumpet-shaped long flower. When you detach the flower from its pedicel it reveals its hidden phallic organ. Many flowers have evolved to be attractive to animals or humans, to cause them to be vectors for the transfer of pollen but this flower only seduces itself and eventually self-pollinates by emitting air-born particles. All that this flower wants is to stimulate its genitals for sexual pleasure, to the point of orgasm and self-fertilization.

Rape of Narcissus Lily happens due to the help of heavy oily components in the flower phallic tip. Oil attracts Hexa Sex Insect whose vagina body is quite dry but needs non-stop pleasurable sensations. Narcissus Lily is a perfect victim of Hexa Sex Insect that attacks the phallus, harvests its sperm, and pollen destroying its biological function to self produces, causing the flower to dye.

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