SILVIO Series Launch

20/07/2016 8:00:17
balkan red shirt silvio

SILVIO Collection Presentation

Location: E.A. 1/1 S.V. Studio
Date: July 20, 2016

The Silvio Balkan series was conceptually created when Silvio Vujicic was shown a neglected ancestor grave and he failed to read the written surname Vujičić (written in Cyrillic) on it. The decision to use the Balkan Sans font by Typotheque (a bi-script typeface system consisting of Latin and Cyrillic scripts) within certain segments in fashion design was enacted then. Silvio was screen-printed in red vinyl on white jersey fabric. The motif of a shovel was included in a series of products. The clothes stand for this collection is designed in the form of a red lacquered shovel. 

Silvio T-shirt
Silvio Shovel T-shirt
Silvo Kimono Shirt
Silvio Dress
Silvio Poster,
59x42cm red vinyl screen-print on paper
Shovel clothing rack, 60x150x50cm, painted wood, and metal

balkan red shirt