Look 20

Polyurethane (PUR) coat with silver retro-reflective flap pocket coverings and collar worn over Young Deer Grey T-shirt with screen-printed deer portrait coated in transparent lac. Fold Trousers, and Grey Kippah Cap.

PUR Retro-Reflective Coat
Code: MCO-PUR-19
Fabric and composition: 100% Polyester, 100% Polyurethane (PUR) coating
Color: Grey
Applications: Flap pocket coverings and back collar are both made from silver retro-reflective fabric.

Fold Trousers
Code: MTR-WOOL-19
Fabric and composition: 40% wool, 60% Polyester
Color: Dark Grey

Young Deer Grey T-shirt
ode: TS-YDG-19
Fabric and composition: 100% Cotton
Color: Grey
Applications: Screen-print and transparent coating

Grey Kippah Cap
Code: KC-OAK-19
Fabric and composition: Twill fabric, 60% Polyester, 40 % Cotton
Color: Grey
Applications: Metal ring and 65 cm stainless steel chain.